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Layouts For Fun
all layouts all the time
16th-Jan-2005 02:00 pm
Layouts for fun
Welcome to layouts_for_fun!!!

This is a community to share LJ layouts, created by sissi_blucas and amavel_bel, who also are the mods. You can find here a large collection of layouts with varied themes (TV shows, movies, nature, celebrities, sports and so on) in several S1 and S2 styles. You will find also a lot of graphics (banners, mood themes, icons) that are totally shareable.

Be aware of some rules before joining:

    * Always credit layouts_for_fun in your user info/profile.
    * Credit the layout maker.
    * Give feedback to stimulate the makers to keep with the layout making.

Any doubts regarding the community, contact the mods. Any doubts regarding the layouts, contact the layout maker responsible for them.

How can I see all the layouts?
You have to join the community by clicking HERE. The joining is automatic, you don't need any confirmation.

To extra information, take a look at the comm PROFILE.
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